If you have attended an event without a coordinator in charge of ensuring the event is running smoothly, then you must have witnessed an event which lacked audience involvement, excitement, and humor. Picture a scenario which involves students – students who must be actively involved in what is happening at the event in order to concentrate fully. If such a situation is what tends to takeover at your school event, then hiring our school event emcee Singapore services are what you need.

Who is an Emcee?

An emcee, otherwise referred to as a master of ceremony, can be described as an event coordinator who is charged with the responsibility of organizing an event such as a wedding, graduation, party, school event etc. Such an emcee is supposed to make the event, more lively and exciting.

Wayne Emcee Singapore  guarantee professionalism in staging, microphone techniques, posture, voice inflection and stance. Such skills are necessary if you are relying on an emcee to professionally conduct a ceremony. Some of the benefits of having a professional emcee include;

Proper Introductions of Parties Available

It is important to recognize the presence of distinguished guessed attending the school event. Such guests include school principals, board of directors, parent-teacher associations, teachers, staff and the student body itself. Our professional school event emcees will offer proper introductions on all these parties present in the event.

Proper Information Delivery

Training of our school event emcee Singapore involves teaching skills of proper information delivery, more so in a school event, where some students may become barriers to information by making noise and unnecessary movement. Our professional emcees are well equipped with techniques to ensure information is properly conveyed in such demanding environments.

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Time Management

In all events, ensuring that you stay within the time frame scheduled for the event is important. For instance, if a school event is scheduled to begin at o’clock in the morning and end at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, our emcees will ensure that such a schedule is followed, by properly allocating time for each activity within the program. This will ensure smooth running and successful completion of the event.


It goes without saying that our school event emcee Singapore services come with a high level of professionalism. We have worked with numerous schools and therefore have experience in coordinating school events. Moreover, our training program ensures that all our emcees are capable of cording such events.


Humor is an important aspect of an event. You do not want your guests/audience to be bored or not pay attention during the event – something which tends to happen, especially in school events, where students get distracted easily, make unnecessary movements and noise. With our school event emcee Singapore services, you are guaranteed humor and entertainment as well as professionalism in all events.

We provide School Event Emcee Hosting for various school events like Teacher Day Celebration, Prom Night, Graduation Ceremony and much more.

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