If you are holding an event, you will need the services of an experienced emcee. The master of ceremony is responsible for dictating exactly how the event goes. They ensure that the event follows the timetable as well as ensuring that any memorable occasions of the event are highlighted. In Singapore, hiring a bilingual emcee is usually recommended to ensure that both Chinese and English speakers, attending the event are catered for. When it comes to keeping all guests at your event engaged, it is best to hire a bilingual emcee with the following traits.


When it comes to hosting events, the master of ceremony has to be highly versatile and adaptive. Most events are usually characterized by unplanned occurrences; an experienced bilingual emcee should have the ability to tactfully to carefully absorb these side shows the main program. This ensures that the program is not taken over by sideshows and other activities that are not in the main program. A bilingual emcee will be able to handle any side occurrences in English and Chinese to ensure that the program is followed to the letter.

Sensitive to the Audience

When it comes to hiring an emcee, it is important to ensure that they are aware of their audience at all times. Singapore is predominantly populated by highly cultured Chinese people; it is essential that the bilingual emcee understands how to handle their speech with respect to the prevalent cultural beliefs. Emcees need to ensure that they are sensitive to the culture and beliefs of the guests in attendance at the event they are officiating.

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Highly Energetic and Enthusiastic

A boring event is a massive let down no matter the time or place. It is up to the emcee to do their best in keeping the guests from getting bored. An experienced bilingual emcee will have the know how to read the crowd’s mood and ensure that they keep them properly engaged at all times. By keeping the guests interested and engaged, the event will be highly entertaining and memorable.


When looking to hire a highly qualified bilingual emcee, it is important to ensure that they have attained a reasonable level of education. Emcees are required to market the event to attendants; this means that an emcee with sales and marketing training will be in a better position of selling the event to attendants. Psychology training is also an added point when it comes to correctly reading the crowd mood throughout the event. Evidence of language training will give you peace of mind when hiring a bilingual emcee.

Hiring a bilingual emcee from Wayne Emcee Singapore to officiate your event is highly recommended especially if you are looking to keep everyone engaged throughout.

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