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Wayne Emcee Singapore is the entertainer specialist that can engage the crowd  while manage the event program well. If you are looking for an emcee or host that can engage your crowd and bring fun or WOW factor to your event, look no further as Wayne Emcee will be the one that you are searching for...

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“Wayne is a specialist entertainer that can both engage the crowd while still able to manage the program well. So if you are looking for someone who is funny, witty, engaging and creative, look no further, cuz Wayne is the man..”

Loveinstills, Nov 2015

Wayne Emcee Singapore

Most people would instantly shun the idea of hiring an emcee for the community event or any other event that they are planning basically because of the assertion that it is expensive. As such, most people will just get their friends to be the emcee for their events. Besides that, most of them will be using the same standard scripts that everyone is using which can be downloaded over the internet.  Most of the time, the emcee will failed to engage the guests and unable to leave a memorable impression to them at the end of the event.

Wayne Emcee With Jackie Chan at GoGreen Singapore Opening Ceremony

Why Do You Need An Emcee For Your Events?

Whether it is a wedding, birthday event, corporate event, or any other event, the importance of having an emcee should never be underestimated. This will make your even more memorable, and the guests will surely have a good time. Perfect venue, scrumptious food, and lively music will all be useless in the absence of an entertaining emcee.

While there are many other providers of emcee services in Singapore, Wayne Emcee Singapore take pride in having an extensive experience in what we do. Experience gives us an edge above all others. Whether it is a public event or private event, a professional emcee like Wayne Emcee will have vast knowledge on how to add life to any event. With Wayne Emcee Singapore expertise and able to provide bilingual emcee hosting, you can have someone who knows how to entertain the crowd while adding value to your event. Wayne Emcee how to host different types of events, whether it is formal or informal, big or small.

What Wayne Emcee Singapore Can Help You?

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Bringing Life To Any Events

Wayne Emcee take pride in offering the best emcee services in Singapore. We help to transform any event into something that is memorable through the services that can be provided by our master of ceremonies.

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Emcee Services You Can Afford

We offer affordable services while making sure of the highest level of customer satisfaction. Rather than trying to ask a friend to serve as the emcee for your event to save money, talk to us. 

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Fun, Professional & Reliable

Wayne Emcee promise is to provide you with an emcee who is different from all other inferior hosts you have seen in the past. We commit towards making any event a memorable one regardless of any events.

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Wayne Emcee Singapore offer affordable services while making sure of the highest level of customer satisfaction. Rather than trying to ask a friend to serve as the emcee for your event and use the same old scripts which usually had been used in any other events because you are trying to save money, talk to us. With our reasonable rates, you do not have a reason to not have us booked for your dinner and dance event or any events.

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Wayne Emcee Singapore Featured Video 

Wayne Emcee In Action

Our featured video of our emcee, Wayne Chew hosting a wedding event. It was a fun and memorable evening for the newly wed couples and guests.

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Some Of Our Emcee Testimonials

“Two years ago Wayne hosted the first most important event in mine and my husband's life. He brought joy, colour and entertainment to our wedding and we thank him for that! Keep it up, Wayne!!"

Florea Gabriela

I received a lot of compliments from my guests on his hosting for my wedding. He did a wonderful job and made the night even better for all of us. "

Mr Eng Sze Wei

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Create A Memorable Event With Wayne Emcee Now

If you are looking for a professional or bilingual emcee in Singapore, do not look further. Get in touch with us and we will let you know how Wayne Emcee Singapore can extend a helping hand. With our affordable and professional emcee services, your next event will surely be memorable.

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